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Adding Value

Well chosen and delivered training always adds value to an organisation. Choosing the best and most appropriate training remains the biggest problem.

We always recommend that clients consider undertaking a Training Needs Analysis before committing to a training programme designed to minimise stress. Simply training employees how to cope with stress can prove ineffective if other training issues are ignored.

The Three Pillars of Effective Stress Management TM

Employee / Individual Responsibility

Employee have a responsibility to their employer to make reasonable efforts to manage their stress and to make their employer aware of stress issues that could affect their ability to work.

Management Responsibility

Managers have a responsibility to comply with best management practices and not cause unnecessary pressure leading to harmful stress in staff for which they are responsible.

Employer / Organisation Responsibility

Employers have a legal duty to undertake stress risk assessments and proactively minimise stress risk and manage identified stress hazards within their workplace.

Stress Coping Skills

Providing employees with training in how to cope with their personal stress is now viewed by many employers as an essential requirement in their drive to maximise employee value for money. A stressed employee can be working at less than 50% of their capability so helping employees avoid stress, regardless of the source of that stress, can reap significant benefits in increased productivity, reduced accidents errors and mistakes, plus improved workplace morale.

Training and Learning Needs

Identifying and differentiating between which training is essential, necessary and/or desirable will ensure that you get maximum value for money for your training budget.

Identifying stress related training needs follows two paths:


HSE Stress Management Standards - Focus Group Training

Employee / Individual Responsibility

Management Responsibility

Employer / Organisation Responsibility

Stress Coping Skills

Training Needs Analysis

Bespoke Training