Corporate stress management, employee risk management, employee consultations and surveys, stress audits. Training, coaching and mentoring, training assessment, coping skills, anxiety management, competency.

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Employment Risk Management Established 1997 Cost Effective Value For Money

The Original Corporate Stress Management Company

Corbiere is a National association of qualified professional corporate stress managers.

Clients include:

 Police Forces, schools, colleges, the MOD, Government Agency and companies of all sizes.

We also provide specialist support and services to other consultancies.

Effective Analysis

Do you know the cost of losses due to stress in your organisation?

You Need to Know


Don’t leap into expensive stress risk minimisation until you know where the stress losses are actually occurring

Plan to target where stress occurs, minimise that stress and so maximise benefits.

What you want

When you need it

We provide fixed price quotations for what you need.

We understand that you might wish to do some of the work in-house, so we are happy to ‘fill the gaps’ for you and provide professional support and training when, where and as you need it.


What do you need?

HSE Stress Management Standards

Guidance / Advice

Stress Hazard Identification

Employee Consultation

Analysis of

Consultation Data

Stress Risk


 Stress Risk Minimisation

Focus Group Facilitator Training

Stress Coping Skills Training

Audit Existing Stress Risk Management Systems

Ways to Reduce Stress

We are always looking for new creative ways in which we can help our clients be more effective in reducing workplace stress.

We are constantly building our resource of professional consultant associates with specific skills, many of whom have agreed discounts on services provided via Corbiere.

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Statutory Duty

If you are an employer with five or more employees you cannot escape the fact that you have a legal duty to undertake

stress risk assessments

Our job is to make this as easy and painless as possible.

 We can help you avoid expensive mistakes, meet your legal duties, plus produce a stress management system that is compliant, meets HSE best practice guidelines, is effective and saves you money.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs


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