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Reducing Stress in the Workplace

Although this was discussed in Stress Risk Minimisation this page adds to the basic principals and provides some guidance on particular solutions we are able to offer via associates.

The HSE recommended stress focus group will normally look at local resources to establish what potential stress reduction facilities and services are available, and then match these to the identified needs of the employees.

Budget obviously plays a big part in this process so it is sensible to ensure that any expenditure is well planned and targeted at the areas / employees that have been identified as high or medium risk. This is where the stress hazard identification process comes in so you know exactly what stress hazards exist and who is affected by those hazards.

Stress Risk Minimisation Planning

It is reasonable to generate a five year stress risk minimisation plan as discussed in Stress Risk Minimisation as this enables you to plan your budget and to monitor how successful your implemented initiatives are. Stress risk minimisation is a process of continuous improvement, so unlike most normal health and safety hazards stress risk is minimised of a period of time.

Do nothing is not an option! You have a legal duty to undertake some form of stress risk assessments and a legal duty to take actions to minimise the health and safety risk from stress hazards.

Stress Reduction Initiatives

As already discussed in other areas of this web site there are many ways in which stress can be effectively reduced within an organisation and management should encourage employees to offer their ideas.

We are often asked for our ideas and the following stress risk minimisation initiatives come from projects we have been involved in: