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Making Sense of the Data

Many of our clients only become our client after they have undertaken an Employee Consultation. Their problem is that they have gathered masses of data but cannot find sufficiently clear indicators and outcomes to base their stress risk assessment and minimisation on.

Making sense of the data sometimes requires an expert eye. We help clients avoid costly mistakes by offering our professional experience to prioritise the outcomes and make suggestions for potential stress risk minimisation initiatives.

We also help produce visual reports, presentations, feasibility studies, resourcing guides, benchmarks and more.


In addition to the standard HSE reports in association with our associate Ask An Opinion we are able to produce optional specialist reports and analysis tools which provides greater clarity and usability to the data, especially where the standard HSE questionnaire has been expanded to include data gathering on local stress issues and known stress problems.

These are some examples of reports and analysis tools:

Standard and Deep Analysis Tools  Compare results per question one or two  demographic levels deep Standard HSE Improvement Report Standard HSE Question  by Question Report  adapted to compare two  demographic groups Matrix Analysis Report Combine the results of up to five questions and 2 demographic in a matrix.  Identifies ‘hot spots’ Sickness and Absenteeism Report HSE Matrix  Analysis Report Combine the results of 2 demographic groups in a matrix.  Displayed as HSE scores Identifies ‘hot spots’ Stress Audit Report  Used for non HSE questions and compares  two demographic groups Simple Response Per question Per option report Advanced Stress  Audit Report Compare two demographic groups, plus enables user to  specify percentiles per question to  activate ‘traffic light’ indicators,  and to specify if question is positive or negative.