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All of our associates are professionally qualified and experienced in minimising stress within the corporate environment, and can bring a wealth of expertise in many specialist areas. Many hold British university accredited qualifications with credit at post graduate level and have worked with major UK employers.

Becoming an Associate

We invite professional stress managers, trainers and occupational therapists who can provide evidence of corporate experience to apply to become associates. We do not charge for becoming an associate although all associates are expected to attend continuous professional development events for which there is a nominal charge to cover costs, carry the appropriate insurance to their expertise and act in a professional manner at all times.

Once an associate you will be able to draw on the expertise of all Corbiere associates to provide a complete stress management service. There is no pressure to get Corbiere involved in your personal work, however we are there if you need us. You may also be invited to contribute to other associate’s projects, again there is no pressure to do so but you could earn extra consultancy fees as a result. You will also be able to use the term ‘Corbiere Associate’ so benefit from associating with an organisation well known and experienced within the corporate stress management field.  

If becoming a Corbiere Associate is of interest then please feel free to contact us at associates@


Effective stress management needs more than management enthusiasm and good intentions. You need to identify stress hazards, not just those which have reactive evidence but those potential hazards that need a proactive identification approach. Minimising stress risk to be successful needs to be creative, appropriate and targeted at those employees that need it and be what your employees want.

The following links might prove useful in your stress risk management:

Ask An Opinion

Data analysis, questionnaire design, survey management, and more.

Experienced in managing surveys and consultations, providing reports on data (old and new), reverse engineering old surveys, mapping different surveys to create common benchmarks, HSE stress management standards and training your staff in analysis techniques, including MS Excel analysis.


Sleep management clinics are still one of the most requested stress reduction solutions by employees. This is not surprising as it is estimated that approximately 18% of the population has sleep problems serious enough to damage their health.

Lack of sleep is a significant stressor and can cause accidents, errors and mistakes, and employees suffering sleep deprivation can have the same risk level as someone more than twice the legal alcohol drink drive limit. Help can be provided as one-to-one sessions, as on site ‘drop in’ clinics and as training / workshop sessions.


Anger management has been recognised as one of the new essential clinics to be offered to employees.

Anger is a subject often avoided in stress reduction discussions but can be closely associated with workplace bullying and linked to diversity issues, so should be at the top of your stress risk management list.

Help can be provided as one-to-one sessions, as on site ‘drop in’ clinics and as training / workshop sessions usually billed as “Keeping Calm in a Crises” to avoid the perceived stigma associated with anger related issues.

Bully Buster

If you have identified bullying as a problem within your organisation you need to deal with this quickly, however this must be done in a tactful, sensitive and appropriate manner.

Bullying is not always intentional or calculated, sometimes it is due to the stress problems of the accused bully, often it is due to misunderstanding and poor communication.

Many accused bullies are very upset when they discover they have been accused as they are unaware this is how others perceive them, especially those with unidentified underlying autistic tendencies.

Bullying can often be linked to discrimination and diversity issues, especially where legal action is being taken by a complainant.

Help can be provided in the form of trained consultants who, being independent of the organisation, can get to the root of the problem and provide or recommend appropriate courses of action.

Drive Calm

How are your drivers reacting to stressful situations on the road? Road rage is a serious issue for employers especially where those drivers are driving on their employer’s business and/or during employment hours, often in vehicles clearly marked with their employer’s logos and details.

Effective stress risk minimisation in these situations is very difficult so company stress managers must ensure that those drivers have clear instructions and have received appropriate training to avoid an inappropriate response to stress experienced whilst driving. Help can be provided in the form of policy guidance and short training / workshop courses.


Relationship management is a very complex area which impacts on discrimination, bullying, psychological issues, past relationships, friendships and much more.

Relationship problems are often illogical, unreasonable, and based on perceptions or unrealistic expectations. Non work related relationship issues can have a serious impact on employee effectiveness and, despite the frequent assertion that personal problems should be left at the workplace door, it is the best interests of the employer to help employees with their problems so to maximise employee effectiveness. Help can be provided as one-to-one sessions, as on site ‘drop in’ clinics and as training / workshop sessions.

Business Communication Auditing

Poor communication is one of the primary causes of stress, errors and mistakes within any organisation, however most organisations find it difficult to rationalise their communication systems.

Information users often make inefficient communication systems work not noticing where their communications are inaccurate, misdirected or inappropriate.

Undertaking a communications audit can highlight where improvements can be made to improve clarity, accuracy, content, appropriateness and timeliness.

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Advanced Level Coaching

If you are looking for coaching or mentoring for an employee, there are many basic level options and providers.

However, if your needs are for more a advanced level proactive style of coaching, the professional therapists and coaches at The Coaching Room use professional therapy methods and techniques combined with traditional style coaching to provide an advanced style of coaching designed to promote constructive and targeted change.

The ‘forced pace’ of this advanced level coaching reduces coach / client contact time so reduces time commitment.