Corporate stress management, employee risk management, employee consultations and surveys, stress audits. Training, coaching and mentoring, training assessment, coping skills, anxiety management, competency.

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Free Seminars

Would you would like one of our professional stress managers to come to your workplace and give a free 30 or 60 minute presentation on effective corporate stress risk management? We would be happy to do this for you, however we do expect you to provide venue, data projector and pay for any travel and accommodation expenses.

Free Talks and Workshops

We are occasionally asked to give short talks and workshops by professional bodies, usually as part of their CPD provision. We are happy to undertake these, however depending on the subject and location there may be a charge to cover expenses. It is expected that the professional body provides venue, data projector and photocopies of notes.

Free talks and workshops can be from 30 minutes to 2 hours in duration.

Suggested stress management subjects include:

Management Responsibility - what managers should know and be doing to minimise risk to themselves in the event of a stress related claim or legal action by one of their staff.

Employee Responsibility - what all employees should know and be doing to reduce their personal stress and increase their coping skills before making demands on or claims against their employer.

Stress Risk Assessments - what a stress risk assessment is, what it is designed to do, when and why it should be done, how and where it should be undertaken, and what can go wrong.