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The HSE stress management standards are not a legal requirement in themselves, but they indicate a methodology that if followed would normally be considered as ‘deemed to satisfy’ the risk assessment requirements of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations with regards to stress.

Identifying Stress Hazards by Employee Consultation

Users of the Stress Management Standards know that the HSE place great emphasis on communication and consultation. We support this methodology as one way in which potential stress hazards can be identified and always advise clients to base their employee consultation on the HSE’s 35 question questionnaire and 6 main HSE identified stressors.

It should be remembered that an employee consultation gathers data on employee perceptions which may or may not reflect reality, however employee perceptions can not be ignored and could become reality if not identified and managed correctly.

The HSE is currently trailing the ‘Work Positive’ questionnaire which has expanded the 35 questions to 67 questions and in addition to the 6 main stressors gathers information on employee opinions regarding health & safety, reward and contribution, and indicators / outcomes. If you would like more information on the ‘Work Positive’ questionnaire please contact us.

Identifying Stress Hazards using Other Sources

We also advise the need to undertake a pre-consultation review of known stress issues so the basic questionnaire can be expanded with additional questions designed to gather information on those know issues.

These known issues could has been identified from an examination of sickness and absenteeism records, accident records, quality control data and feedback relating to complaints, errors and mistakes, staff retention problems, industry specific issues, etc.

Identifying the link between stress and employee related incidents such as an accident report can be difficult. We are happy to help and advise you.


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