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Low Female Libido


We are often asked for our opinion on what can be done to improve the female sex drive. Many older women would like to improve their libido as anxieties, unwanted advances and rejections, and feelings of guilt can undermine a relationship.


Male sexual problems, such as erectile disfunction have received a lot of research and publicity, and since the discovery of viagra this negative influence on relationships has been greatly reduced.


Low female libido has not received the same level of attention and many women feel anxious and upset that they are unable to enjoy sexual relations as they used to when younger. This lack of interest in your partner can make them feel unloved and can even cause accusations of infidelity.


To answer your questions we have undertaken some research to see what you could be doing to rekindle your sexual desires.


The Scent of Desire


One of the most interesting discoveries was the influence of scent on sexual desire, and how our sense of smell directly influences our emotions without being influenced by our conscious mind.


The Sense of Smell Lab has produced a product called ‘Scentuelle’ which is designed specifically for women who want to rekindle their sexual desire. This is a quote from their web site:


“Scentuelle is a libido patch that is designed to enhance sexual response increasing sexual desire. The libido patch is infused with a blend of unique aromas and essential oils that are delivered directly to the smell receptors in your brain.  Smelling the aromatic libido patch frequently throughout the day helps re-kindle the feelings of intimacy and pleasure that come from a healthy sex drive.”


They have also produced a 30 day programme to help you get the most from their ‘Scentuelle’ product. You can get a free copy by clicking on the Free E-Book link to the right (right click and save file to keep a copy).


Pheromones - The Unfair Advantage?


Everyone knows about human pheromones and how they help you attract a mate, but did you know that you can buy spray scents containing these pheromones and that you can use on yourself to stimulate your own desire?


There are a number of reputable suppliers of human pheromone products, such as the US supplier ‘Alpha Dream’ - see advert to the right - who produce a large range of both scented and unscented products that you could use to increase both your and your partner’s sexual desires. This is a quote from the ‘Alpha Dream’ web site:


“Human pheromones play an important role in our interaction with others - they are important indicators which signal our state of health and fertility. Modern day life interferes with the natural process of maintaining a healthy level of pheromones on our skin - when we wash our bodies with soap, we scrub from our skin the pheromones which are produced by our body. Ironically, by washing ourselves to appear more attractive, we strip ourselves of a fundamental facet of what makes us attractive.


By applying synthetic human pheromones you will be able to replace your natural pheromone signature, and will further bolster it with powerful man-made pheromones which are considerably more powerful than natural human pheromones.”


It is important that if your libido is causing you concern then you should try to improve matters. The above two potential solutions are inexpensive and most definitely worth a try.

Increase Sexual Desire
Use your sense of smell to naturally increase sexual desire and rekindle a sensual, intimate connection with your partner



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