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Love in Families

Does you child feel unloved?

Many parent child relationship problems can be caused by a child’s perception that they are unloved. Many parents are shocked by the idea that they may not be actually communicating their love to their child.

Parents and siblings often make assumptions based on personal childhood experiences and how other children within the family respond to loving communications. However, one child’s love language is often not the same as another’s, so communicating love needs to be appropriate to each child’s needs and expectations, and not presented as a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

We all need to be loved in certain ways and expressing love needs to be more than saying ‘I Love You’. Verbal expressions of love are fine but there are five very important non verbal emotional or ‘love’ languages:

Simply loving your children isn't always enough.

Learning to speak their love language communicates your love in ways they'll understand right from the start. Everything depends on the love relationship between you and your child, because a child who feels loved does his best. If your love language is totally different, you may be constantly showing them love, but their interpretation may be quite the opposite.

These five love languages have formed the basis of a new approach to relationship management and combined with more standard emotional therapy techniques and communication skills training have helped many families overcome relationship problems. Its proactive learning approach is intended to create new understanding and repair damage caused by misunderstanding and lack of knowledge.


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