“Anxiety is the essential condition of intellectual and artistic creation”

Charles Frankel

Telephone: 01452 521008   
Email: enquiries@ anxietywise.co.uk

One-to One Appointments

If you would like to discuss your anxiety and stress with a professional complementary therapist we suggest that you send us an email to
enquiries@ anxietywise.co.uk and we will try to find a therapist with the necessary skills in your area.

Fees will be agreed with the individual therapist, normally £50.00 to £100.00 per session plus any expenses (e.g. travel if requesting a home visit appointment).

Telephone Appointments

If you feel the need to chat to a therapist over the telephone you may arrange a telephone appointment. You must understand that any help offered over the telephone is limited compared to a face to face session, plus there will be a consultancy charge - £40.00 per hour to land lines and £55.00 per hour to mobiles (the therapist phones you at the appointed time).

You will need to arrange a telephone appointment on 01452 521008 or by email to enquiries@anxietywise.co.uk. You will also need to indicate the dates and times that you are available. You will then be given a fixed appointment time when the therapist will phone you. Once you have had your first telephone appointment with a therapist you can stay with this therapist for all future telephone appointments.

Telephone appointments will be treated as strictly confidential, however no responsibility can be taken for the security of the telephone line connection.

Paying for telephone appointments. We do not operate a premium rate telephone number system as the resultant costs to the client are far too high (up 40% of rate goes to provider).

We ask that all telephone appointments are paid for in advance by credit card using our PayPal link below - you don’t need a PayPal account to make payments.

Therapist Qualifications / Disclaimer

All complementary therapists referred by www.anxietywise.co.uk are experienced, professionally qualified and insured, and specialise in stress and anxiety management.

Basic checks are made to ensure that claimed qualifications, experience and insurance are current and valid, however no responsibility can be taken by  www.anxietywise.co.uk for any advice, guidance or recommendations given by these therapists.

We recommend that if you are currently under medical supervision for your anxiety or stress that you should not stop taking any prescribed medication or start any other complementary treatment or programme without referral back to your medical adviser for advice on possible contraindications.

Telephone Appointment (Land line) $40.00 per session


Telephone Appointment (Mobile) £55.00 per session