“Anxiety is the essential condition of intellectual and artistic creation”

Charles Frankel

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Fibromyalgia (FM) is a collection of painful signs and symptoms that can change in intensity and duration from day to day. Fibromyalgia can be severe, and it can take its toll anywhere on the body. It can also be an underlying cause of unresolved neck and back pain, which can be an early warning sign of full FM.



Professional Complementary Sleep Therapists. A lot of information on sleep clinics, advice, free products, self-help materials including mp3 recordings, better sleep products, downloadable guidance sheets, and more.



Professional therapy help for people with anger problems. Most of our clients have only contacted us when their problems have already destroyed relationships, ruined their social life, lost them their job and/or damaged their health. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness nor is it something you should be ashamed of. Most anger issues have deep psychological roots that when identified can be modified and controlled.