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Then there is a still higher type of courage - the courage to brave pain, to live with it, to never let others know of it and to still find joy in life; to wake up in the morning with an enthusiasm for the day ahead.

Howard Cosell


By Peter Rose FSI


Lower back pain, used to be called lumbago; as this area is known as the lumbar region of the back. Initial investigation is needed to ensure it is not a freshly torn muscle and the exact nature and position of the damage. The body has a trick of making us feel pain in a place different from the actual damage. These investigations should ensure that the pain is not caused by Kidney or Liver problems and then try to find if the damage is in the spine, the hip joints or the muscles surrounding the skeleton. There are several layers of different muscles all acting in this area (so called deep and superficial muscular structures) and each structure is made up of many interconnected but separate muscles. Establishing exactly where the pain is coming from, how deep etc is difficult and often seems to move, one day being a few inches away from yesterdays etc.



Once the investigations have shown it is muscular and that there is not any internal bleeding then use magnets to speed recovery. Support belts containing magnets, spot magnets; one at the centre and others in a circle around this one. Shiatsu, acupuncture, massage and gentle stretching (yoga) will all help. The trick is to keep active without adding to any damage. Total “rest” without movement will cause muscle wastage and possibly calcification of joints etc. Too much movement, especially under load, will cause all ready weakened tissue to fail. Gentle stretching without load is needed and this can be very gradually increased over a period of time. The length of this period of time will depend on individual factors, the amount of damage, the age and recovery rate of the patient, the diet and also lifestyle.



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By Rosemary Skinner SRN


Fibromyalgia is a common condition which affects between 2-7% of the adult population. Acute pain in the muscle, connective tissue, ligaments and joints are the main symptoms while many others can be present, including sleep disorders, fatigue, anxiety and depression  The majority of sufferers are women. Fibromyalgia was previously known as Fibrositis.


Causes of Fibromyalgia are unknown. However many researchers have linked sleep disorders with the condition. Others believe a virus, past trauma, or stress may be the cause.


Tenderness and widespread pain are common both in muscle and joints covering the whole body. Shoulders and neck area are common areas of pain, inflammation and spasm. Sleep disorders, such as obstructive apnea, where the sufferer stops and starts breathing, together with heavy snoring, are thought to aggravate the condition.


Treatment varies with the symptoms, ranging from treating the pain and inflammation as you would with arthritis to exercise and diet for the sleep disorders.


A suggested treatment is to sleep on a Magnetic Bed. usually called a Magnetic Overlay. Many people use magnetic pads. I generally use the D- Max Neodymium strong magnet. It is particularly effective on neck and shoulder pain but can also be placed on other affected areas (North Pole).  A major cause of  the sleep disorder Apnea is obesity and general lack of fitness. Exercise! A reduced diet, low in fats and sugars, and eliminating alcohol in the evening should aid sleep. Eliminating caffeine completely will help considerably.


It is a good idea to visit your doctor or health centre when you suspect you have a problem.


Magnet Therapy-A Powerful Healing Force-By Rosemary Skinner SRN

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©Rosemary Skinner - 2008




Say Goodbye to Osteoarthritis...

The Natural Way!


By David Levine, Health Writer


When people talk about arthritis, many are referring to the most common form of the disease, called osteoarthritis. It causes pain, swelling, stiffness and, at its worst, can be totally debilitating for millions of Americans.


Osteoarthritis is the degeneration of the cartilage that cushions the area where two bones meet to form a joint. When the cushion wears out or cracks, the bones rub together, causing intense pain. In severe cases, the joints can develop calcifications. This means that calcium builds up on the bones and soft tissues, making them stiff and painful to move.


The solution most mainstream doctors take, as usual, is to relieve the pain with drugs rather than fix the problem causing the pain. And research from around the world has proven that there are ways to reverse calcification and to restore damaged cartilage. This is the one true way to get rid of the pain of osteoarthritis once and for all. Here's what you do:


First, take cod liver oil supplements.

Research from Cardiff University, in Great Britain, found that cod liver oil not only relieves pain, it also stops and even reverses the damage caused by osteoarthritis (and rheumatoid arthritis as well).


The recommended dose of cod liver oil is four capsules twice a day.


Second, take the herbal supplement devil's claw.

A study published in the journal Phytomedicine, compared the herb devil's claw with Diacerein, a prescription medication often prescribed for osteoarthritis. The research found that the herb was just as effective as the drug at relieving pain.


The recommended dose of devil's claw is two grams per day. Be sure to discuss this herb with your physician before you take it. If you are on a blood-thinning medicine, like Coumadin, this herb could interfere with it.


Third, take glucosamine sulfate.

Many studies have shown that glucosamine helps promote healing while relieving stiffness and pain. You probably have heard it marketed in the form of glucosamine chondroitin. But that might not be the best form of glucosamine to take. Some studies have linked chondroitin to an increased risk of prostate cancer.


I prefer glucosamine sulfate, because it includes that important sulfur component. Give it a few weeks, and you'll notice real, long-lasting relief as your joints heal themselves. In fact, this is the most famous and best-known natural treatment for osteoarthritis, and for good reason. To take just one example, a study done in Belgium found that glucosamine sulfate reversed calcification in the joints—and X-rays proved it.


The recommended dose of glucosamine sulfate is 1,500mg daily.


Finally, a tip on prevention.

Prevention is always the best medicine. To help prevent osteoarthritis, avoid heavy lifting. Researchers in the Netherlands found that it tripled the risk of developing the disease.


So take it easy with the heavy objects to keep your joints healthy. And consider the three treatments mentioned above to relieve your pain and repair your damaged joints if you already have the disease.


So there you have it. Don't just mask the pain of achy joints with drugs that actually prevent healing. Try these alternative methods, get your joints back to health and you're on your way to doing the things you love to do—pain free!





By Rosemary Skinner SRN


Pain is described in various ways. The formal definition of pain is an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience which we primarily associate with tissue damage. A sensation that hurts. Arthralgia is the pain in a joint due to Arthritis. Central Pain is the pain associated with a lesion of the central nervous system. Dermatome describes pain of the skin and subcutaneous tissue. There are many other descriptions


Pain and disease begin when conditions cause the capillary pores to dilate and allow the escape of significant quantities of blood proteins into the cellular area. This crowding of the proteins attracts fluid (inflammation), causes pain and deprives some of the cells in the area of proper oxygen and nutrients, resulting in poor cellular functioning. These malfunctioning cells, if not carried away and disposed of by the lymphatic system, begin to destroy healthy cells.


According to Dr C Samuel West, chemist and internationally recognized lymphologist, trapped blood proteins are the one common denominator present in all pain and disease. His many years of research have shown that trapped blood proteins, on a moderate scale, produce the conditions on a cellular level that cause pain, inflammation, viral infections, bacterial infections, allergies, parasites, low energy levels, heart disease, cancer, obesity, high blood pressure, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, polio, cerebral palsy and all the other crippling and serious diseases known to man.


Since pain can be caused by different conditions the cause of the pain should be determined.


Conventional treatment varies. In a Pain Clinic the person’s pain would be measured using Pain Assessment Tools allowing patients to accurately describe the intensity of their pain. Treatment ranges from Morphine to Ibuprofen. All treatments under the supervision of a Doctor.


The Alternative. Placing a "D-Max Neodymium" magnet, seating the North Pole over the effected area of pain. In a joint area it may be more beneficial to place the Magnet to the side of the site. Continue until pain is relieved. For the more active person I recommend one of the Therapeutic Wraps, with the addition of a "D-Max" for faster results. For continued benefit even when you sleep, the Bliss magnetic overlay can be very helpful. Further details of treatments using Magnet Therapy are in my book......see here.


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