Relationship Problems

Marriage Issues

Libido Problems

The Problem

Relationships are a foundation on which we build our lives, so when a relationship become compromised the impact on our life can be very distressing.

Adult relationships often lead to permanent arrangements, such as marriage, and the possibility of a family. However, time changes people and relationships, so what was assumed happy and secure becomes difficult and insecure. Health issues can undermine relationships, particularly when a loss of sex drive occurs.

Parent child relationships can be very difficult as children change as they age, they become victims to hormones, experience peer pressure and start to question parental guidance. A child thinks differently to an adult and has less life experience. Parents can fail to understand the child’s thought processes and communications fail.

Getting Help

Relationship management is a very broad area with many different issues, problems and difficulties. One essential requirement in maintaining a good relationship involves effective communications. However, communication is more that speech, it involves actions, attitudes, listening and understanding.

In all communications with someone you love, knowing that they have heard what you are saying when you say ‘I love you’ is essential, but this is more than ensuring that they are listening. It is common for ‘acts of love’ to go unnoticed, simply because the receiver has failed to understand and recognise it as an act of love, for example; if you were someone who was showered with gifts as a child you may not appreciate the gifts your partner brings, yet because your partner rarely received gifts as a child they value the gift as an act of love - they communicate their love to you, but you do not understand its message.

Many health issues that upset libido and sex drive are caused by or exacerbated by stress. That stress may be part of the relationship problem, or may be totally unrelated, e.g. work stress, thus stress management will be discussed where libido problems exist.

It should be noted that it is not always my intention to repair relationships if that relationship is beyond repair, where appropriate I can help you achieve an amicable separation.