Learning the Five Acts of Love (Love Languages)

Why Learn Them?

Love is both giving and receiving. Most people understand the words ‘I love you’ but if the person for whom they are intended is not listening then speaking the words does little to help a relationship.

Some people in loving relationships find saying the words ‘I love you’ very difficult, but they do say those words in different ways. These acts of love are sometimes referred to as the ‘Love Languages’. This is a very good description of them, because if you only speak one love language yourself then you may not understand the other four, or recognise their true meaning of them saying ‘I love you’.

Communicating love to your children can encounter similar problems. It is normal for brothers and sisters to have different love languages, so parents who treat all children equally, may find one child feeling very unloved despite the parent’s belief that they are being very loving.

The Five Acts of Love (Love Languages)

Most people’s love language (how they like to receive love) is also how they will show their love. Learn the love languages you will recognise this and understand how best to show your love to your loved one.

This is a brief summary -

Gift Giving

Do they get excited and really appreciate a gift?

Acts of Service

Are they very pleased when you do something for them?

Quality Time

Are they happiest when you are both together?

Words of Affirmation

Are they very appreciative of praise for things they do?

Physical Touch

Do they like a cuddle and holding hands?