Anger & Rage

Bully Abuse

Abuse Recovery

The Problem

Uncontrollable anger is highly destructive and often leaves a trail of destroyed relationships, ruined social life, unemployment and damaged health. Where the anger turns into raw rage then serious damage can be caused to property, innocent people and even those you love.

Bullying unfortunately happens. If a victim is unable to deal with the resultant emotional issues, they can lose confidence, hide away, suffer health problems or even become a bully themselves.

Recovering from abuse, whether it be from bullying, betrayal, malicious intent, psychological manipulation, unfairness, discrimination, neglect, etc, is often left to the victim, who is usually the least able to manage the process, or loved ones and friends who are too close to the victim to provide the right sort and level of help.

Getting Help

Asking for help with anger is not a sign of weakness nor is it something you should be ashamed of. Most anger issues have deep psychological roots that when identified can be modified and controlled.

Both cognitive therapy and hypnotherapy can be useful tools in reducing anger and rage problems, and used to create auto responsive controls to defuse uncontrolled anger and rage reactions and emotions.

Finding the original source of anger and rage problems can be challenging, but once found often enables a resolution of the problem and a return to ‘normality’. It is interesting that anger and rage problems can stem from an inappropriate reaction to emotions created following childhood bullying.

The negative effects of bullying often continues long beyond the bullying incident, and needs to be managed carefully to avoid inappropriate emotional responses being created. Don’t worry if you already have those inappropriate emotional responses, much can be done to repair the damage and allow you to return to a ‘normal’ life.

Recovery from abuse can be a long process that needs careful management. If you need help with a past abuse problem there is a lot I can do to help you, however I may suggest support from other professionals, including your doctor. Contact me for a strictly confidential appointment to discuss your needs.