Clinical Hypnotherapy

Why I might suggest using Clinical Hypnotherapy:

Hypnotherapy is a very effective and safe tool for helping you make quick and targeted changes, deal with difficult emotions and fears, and uncover sub-conscious issues that may be influencing your life without your conscious knowledge.

I am a qualified Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist with over 12 years experience. Experience is very important as hypnotherapy is often quoted as being “easy to learn, yet hard to master”. Choosing a hypnotherapist with experience is very important, especially when dealing with complex emotional issues.

I am also a qualified Stress Manager, accredited by a British University as having gained credit at post graduate level, so understand many other therapeutic methods and techniques, and how they may be used and interact with clinical hypnotherapy to gain the best and most effective results.

Why I might avoid using Clinical Hypnotherapy:

You might not want to experience hypnotherapy. If appropriate I will explain why I may wish to use hypnotherapy, however I will always respect your wishes.

Hypnotherapy might not offer the best therapeutic solution to meet your needs. There are many cognitive methods and techniques that could produce equal or better results, however these usually take longer to achieve results, but offer a greater chance of permanence and reduced risk of reversal.

Hypnotherapy, whilst very safe, is not totally without risk. If I believe that a client has known issues, such as emotional problems or post traumatic experiences, that are not the focus of the therapy sessions but which may be disturbed, or stimulated so increase emotional distress, or made worse, or made more difficult to resolve at a later date by the use of hypnotherapy, I will suggest that hypnotherapy is not used at that point.

Why I May Suggest Using Clinical Hypnotherapy