Age Related Issues

Memory Problems


The Problem

As we get older our body and often our mind does not function as it did when we were in our twenties. An elderly client recently told me “ I feel like a 21 year old trapped inside a 70 year old body”.

Ask yourself this question -

‘How old would you think you were if you did not know how old you actually are?’

One of the most common complaints is ‘my memory is getting worse, I cannot remember simple things anymore’ yet most of my elderly clients appear to accept this as ‘just something that happens as you get older’.

Another common fear in my elderly clients is loneliness, especially if their lifetime partner is very ill, or has recently passed on, or if a cherished pet is ill.

Getting Help

Helping my elderly clients manage age related issues can be very rewarding. Much of my help is in the form of motivation, confidence building, and stress management, plus providing guidance on supplements to help with memory improvement, better sleep and personal energy.

There a a range of supplements that help reduce some of the effects of ageing, improve memory and quality of sleep. All of these are commonly available, usually from your local supermarket or health food store. There are a number of foods that should be included in your diet, as these again help boost nutrition where your body is not producing the correct levels due to wear and tear.

Many elderly people find it difficult to deal with loss and bereavement of loved ones and pets, and can get stuck in the bereavement process. Being stuck in the bereavement process can cause health issues so if you or a loved one has this problem and is unable to move on then I can help. This process is not about forgetting, it is about accepting that you need to move onto the next phase of your life.