Managing to Move On

The Problem

Most people will suffer some form of bereavement in their lifetime, often many times and with different levels of expectation, knowledge and emotional reaction.

For most people it is the unexpected shock of loss that causes the most emotional trauma. However, even when a bereavement event is expected and inevitable, equal emotional trauma can occur. This can be more complex as inappropriate emotional protection could have been created, involving denial and unrealistic expectations.

Bereavement and loss reactions are most commonly associated with the death of a loved one, which can include pets, however very similar reactions can be experienced on losing your job, the ending of a relationship, the loss of a treasured item, etc.

Getting Help

The bereavement process is important and should not be prevented or avoided. However, the bereavement process has a timescale that depending on the nature of the loss needs to be understood to reduce the risk of mental and physical damage.

Please note, the bereavement process does not involve forgetting your loss. The process is a form of acceptance and moving into a new phase of your life. The memories of what you have lost need to be preserved in a positive manner, and in such a way that they do not adversely influence your future daily life.

If you feel that you are ‘stuck’ in a bereavement that you cannot resolve and move on from, I am able to help you move on into the healthy phase of your life I have described above.

If you feel that you have failed to grieve and are worried that this will become an issues in the future, I will help you explore your feelings for your loss. Whilst bereavement should not be avoided or prevented, it is not a compulsory part of dealing with a loss.

If you are unhappy that those around you are forcing you through a bereavement too quickly, I am happy to help you move at a pace that is both healthy and appropriate to your loss, however please be aware that I will always be moving you towards a healthy resolution.