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The following are examples of focused coaching topics.

A coaching session may well cover other issues but the focus will remain on the agreed main issue.

Anger & Aggression


Disrespect & Insubordination

Interpersonal & Communication Skills

Stress and Pressure Coping Skills

Conflict Management Skills

Keeping Calm in a Crises

Personal Confidence & Self-belief

Presentation and Public Speaking Skills

Personal Development & Learning Needs

Career Development

Preparing for Increased Responsibility

Political Awareness & Strategic Thinking

Preparing for Change (including redundancy)

Return to Work

Personal Relationship Management


Loss and Bereavement


Employee coaching focuses on the individual yet seeks to positively enhance workplace issues such as morale, motivation and increased productivity and reduce negative and undermining issues issues that contribute to reduced productivity and increased staff turnover, sickness and absenteeism.

Advanced Employee Coaching is an effective, cost-efficient and sustainable method of encouraging and developing talented staff within your organisation, preparing employees for new challenges and managing those employees who require one-to-one support to help them meet personal challenges and reach their true potential.

Workshops are available to support coaching activities and include bespoke team building events designed to consolidate the coaching already provided to individual team members and identify further coaching and training needs.

All our coaching and workshop activities are undertaken by experienced and qualified professional coaches, mentors and trainers, and are designed to achieve a balance between fulfilling organisational goals and objectives whilst taking into account the personal development needs of individual employees.

Personal Responsibility

There is an increasing need for individuals to take greater responsibility for their personal & professional development and  not rely on employers to provide them with all or their career development needs. Many employees look to coaching to help them take personal responsibility for their future. This could be, for example, to maximise their potential with their employer, to prepare for workplace change or to achieve greater balance with their work and home lives.

Focused Coaching

Coaching should not become open ended. Advanced level coaching must include and element of proactive mentoring, and possibly even some therapy work, however clear time limits and goals must be set. This means that coaching must respond to and focus on identified employee issues and problems, either identified as a result of normal day to day work or maybe identified during training / social activities.

Occasionally an employee might ask for help where non work activities are undermining personal capability, or management might be aware of impending change and want to prepare an employee for that change.

Coaching can help an employer deal with many different employees issues, including:

Coaching offers employees a supportive, guiding and motivating environment to explore personal development options, prioritise those options, set goals and create actions plans to achieve those goals.

Specialist Coaching

Specialist coaching involves employing coaches who are also professionally trained therapists. It is forward focused and aimed at proactive life improvement or enhancement. It is about moving on and breaking free from problems and issues that have held them back and prevented them from getting all they can from their lives.

Many employers are utilising the services of specialist coaches to manage very sensitive issues such as bereavement, loss, personal relationship issues and long term stress sickness. Coaching sessions will often take place outside of the workplace, sometimes, subject to employee agreement, in the employee’s home.