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“For over twenty years, I’ve been a public speaking coach. I developed this program because I’ve helped so many highly successful and confident people to overcome their great fear of public speaking.

Dr Jeannette Kavanagh  

Professional Coach and Presenter

Overcome those speech time nerves

Does the mere thought of having to make a speech make you feel sick? When you're in front of an audience do your knees start knocking? Do you get a lump in your throat? Does your voice start quaking? Are you worried about what the audience will think of you?

Public speaking is part of our lives in so many ways. At some stage you’ll have to make a speech. Most of you already know that the mere thought of that makes you afraid and anxious.


  100% Satisfaction Guaranteed— NO RISK GUARANTEE—

If after using my Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking: Presenting Your Best e-program, you are not completely satisfied, just send me an e-mail within 60 days, and you will receive a full refund. No questions asked. If you’re not happy with my program, I don’t want your money.


Dr Jeannette Kavanagh

“I can’t thank you enough. Just being able to make a comment at my child’s school council meeting made me feel like a million dollars. It’ll be years before I return to my career as a Physiotherapist but when I do I know I’ll feel just as confident about contributing to staff meetings.”


   Madeleine P. one of the participants at my Introduction to Public Speaking seminars

"I graduated top of my class from University. I’ve had numerous papers published in refereed journals but… I just turn to stone whenever I’m asked to present ideas in public. Even when I’m talking about a topic on which I am the recognised expert worldwide. I go to great lengths to avoid public speaking and I’ve been able to do that up to now. I’m in this program because I’ve finally faced the reality. The intellectual stimulation and the financial rewards that go with career advancement depend on me conquering my fear of public speaking.”


   David S PhD. a participant in one of my

   Public Speaking without Fear seminars


The Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking: Presenting Your Best  program is guaranteed to conquer your fear and replace it with public presentation competence and confidence. It will take you from your feelings of anxiety, fear and panic about speaking in public to a calm confidence.

The program focuses on your fear of public speaking. All of the strategies are equally applicable to any event in which you’re presenting - singing, playing a musical instrument, acting in a play or making a wedding speech. This program will transform your performance anxiety into a positive confidence that you can take into every sphere of your life.

"Watching your daughter being collected by her date feels like handing over a million dollar Stradivarius to a gorilla."


- Jim Bishop








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