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Sleep Clinics

The Vielife study in 2005 showed three main areas driving change in health status and consequent improvements in work performance:

(i) stress management
(ii) pain management, and
(iii) sleep

It is estimated that approximately 770,000 people suffer from sleep disorders in the United Kingdom, plus one in three people in the UK suffer with insomnia, half of these to the point at which it is damaging their health..

A person suffering from sleep deprivation has the same reaction times and mental decision making capacity as someone who has consumed twice the legal alcohol limit for driving. Would this be acceptable within your organisation?

Sleep Clinics should always be run by qualified professional therapists experienced in sleep management. Clinics can be provided as training events, drop-in clinics and health education events.

This information has been provided by SleepWise.
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Stress Risk Minimisation Solutions
Calmer Driver

If your employees drive during working hours on company business, what are you doing to ensure that their inappropriate stress responses are not undermining your business?

Recent research has indicated that the negative and sometimes aggressive attitude of delivery drivers, especially at the the delivery point, is one of the main causes of customer dissatisfaction which result in a change of supplier. The observed attitude of aggressive drivers often dissuades potential new customers from using your organisation’s services. Much of this negativity and aggression has been attributed to an inability to manage personal stress.

Drivers who are unable to control their stress often carry that stress beyond the vehicle so upset customers and other employees.

One of the best solutions is for employers to send their employees on Calmer Driver training. This not only reduces the chances of a stress related incident but also helps to protect the employer as valid and appropriate stress reduction and risk minimisation measures have been undertaken.

This information has been provided by Drive Calm. Web site

The following ‘solutions’ have been provided by professional stress managers based on their experience and knowledge.


We always advise that you should obtain professional guidance from the author / consultant / organisation who submitted the ‘solution’ before you implement it in your organisation. These ‘solutions’ should be viewed as ideas rather than guaranteed solutions as there are many factors which could influence the success of the ‘solution’ in your organisation.