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Electronic and paper questionnaires.

Stress risk assessment.

Detailed data analysis and reports.

Copyrighted Excel tools for detailed

Compliance with HSE Stress Management Standards.

Sickness and absenteeism analysis.

Diversity and discrimination analysis.

Sources of stress analysis.

Employee suggested solutions

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Articles & Advice

We have given our contributors the opportunity to provide guidance and advice on what they believe are important issues in corporate stress management. Information and advice provided is based on their professional experiences and knowledge of corporate stress management.

We have also looked for other interesting stress related free articles and publications, many from official organisations, news publications and advisory bodies.

We point out that these articles and publications express the opinions of the authors or publishers and no responsibility can be taken by StressBiz for accuracy and appropriateness to your needs. If you intend to rely upon the contents you are advised to contact the author or a professional corporate stress manager.

All of the articles are bound by international Copyright laws, often detailed under the Creative Commons classifications of copying, reproduction and copyright. For more information on Creative Commons go to or click on the CC logo on the document which should open the copyright agreement for that document.

Contributor Articles

Stress Management in SMEs

Internet Advice and News Publications

Workplace Stress Costs Money

Government and Official Organisation Sponsored Information

Stonewall Guides to the Employment Equality (Sexual Orientation) Regulations