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Humphrey Mark Klinkenberg

Freelance Consultant, Trainer, Mentor and Project Manager

Professional University Qualified

Post-graduate credit in - Personal Development, Mentoring
& Stress Management

Accredited Trainer and Mentor

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Freelance Consultant, Trainer and Project Manager.

25 years experience in health & safety, quality and environmental management the last 13 years of which has been in corporate stress management, risk assessments, employee consultations / surveys, training & mentoring.

20 Years experience in training design & management, training / learn needs assessment, coaching programmes & mentoring.

Personal Development and Mentoring

Qualified as a coach and mentor, including online IITT mentoring. Professional therapist with University post-graduate credit bearing diploma in Personal Development, Mentoring and Stress Management.

Consultant for return to work assessments & one-to-one therapy for long term absentees.

Provides on-site workshops and clinics in stress, sleep and anger management.


H Klinkenberg & Associates (Owner)

Corbiere Consultants

Therapy associates:

Sleepwise, Angerwise, Anxietywise, The Coaching Room

Humphrey Mark Klinkenberg


Employers should note:
You can put your employees under as much pressure as you like, as long as you do not cause them mental or physical harm. Stress is a natural, but physically and mentally damaging, response which you must take reasonably practicable measures to protect your employees from, or, at a minimum, reduce their exposure to.


The following services are provided by The Stress Company in association with associate consultants and therapists.

Risk Assessment - HSE Stress Management Standards

Includes, as required; employee consultations, surveys, training needs assessments, analysis of employee records for risk indicators, HSE management competencies, reports on findings, recommendations, risk minimisation. Also training staff in HSE stress management compliance.

Employee Well-being

May be provided as part of stress risk minimisation and includes; sleep clinics, coping skills workshops, anxiety management, motivation, confidence building, resilience training, etc.

Mentoring & Coaching

Stress risk management and the HSE management standards - personal mentoring in requirements on an ‘on call’ basis. Can be associated with workshops and other training.

Personal coping and stress resilience coaching. Again can be associated with workshops and training, plus can have a mentoring element where participants can have access to a qualified therapist to help them in a crises.

Training & Workshops

We offer a broad range of training and workshops to cover many aspects of stress risk minimisation. These include management liability (middle and senior management), coping skills, how to deal with day to day stress, dealing with conflict (includes personal anger management), etc.

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