Unfortunately, this web site was recently the victim of an spam email hijack spoof where insidious spamming low lifers have made out that their nasty little messages were sent from us.

The authorities and web site managers have been informed and they are working on catching these pathetic creatures to meter out the appropriate punishment. We offered some imaginative penalties but these were rejected by the authorities!

We have invested in a few dark curses on the spammers from some professional practitioners of the art, so all spammers be aware of the dangers of misusing this web domain to hide or disguise your contemptible illegal activities.

We apologise if you have been misled into believing that this site is a source of spamming emails and we assure you that it is nothing to do with us.

Email Harvesters

All email harvesters should note that using the emails provided on this web site for any other purpose than communicating with the web site owners, advertisers or sponsors on the subject matter contained on the web site without permission is not permitted and thus illegal. Such use will attract an administration and billing fee of no less than $50.00 per email sent which will be payable by both the email sender and the businesses, individuals or organisations promoted in the email. Such use will also automatically indicate your acceptance of these conditions. Appeals against such charges will only be accepted where supported with details of permission, subscription or other authorisation granted from the webmaster or web site owner.

These conditions apply from October 13th 2006 and are non negotiable.

For further information on the above contact the webmaster at stopspam@cards-plus.co.uk. If you wish to link your site to this stop spam message please contact the webmaster.

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