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About me

My name is Carl Dean - I'm a certified personal trainer and the owner of Fortis Fitness, Personal Training and Massage Consultancy.
My primary interests are in personal fitness training to motivate anyone who finds self-motivation to exercise hard or that gyms are intimidating places, showing  clients that they do not have to use these to exercise. In addition I offer Massage Therapy where through use of soft tissue manipulation and massage, the prevention and treatment of injuries can be maintained.


I have over 20 years experience within the Leisure industry. From 1988 to 1995 I worked for Fitness for Industry (FFI) as a Mobile Manager covering 42 Health Clubs,  a company which offered corporate health and fitness services to hotels and corporate businesses. Following this I set up and managed three large new fitness facilities covering over 5000 members, offering full fitness facilities, swimming programmes, classes, children's activities and social events. I have had the personal privilege of gaining three Olympic certificates in each of the gyms I have managed by offering Personal training facilities for future and potential Olympians. I have also had the privilege of training clients in weight loss, fitness and rehabilitation.

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