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Every year thousands of people fail to get the good examination grades they deserve because they suffer from exam nerves and stress.

The emotional turmoil of exam nerves and stress stops the mind working efficiently. The stress causes the classic ‘fight, freeze or flight’ stress response so survival becomes more important than clear logical thought or remembering facts and figures.

For the majority of exam stress sufferers the response is ‘flight’ so their ‘survival’ instinct kicks in to create an urgent need to escape. Being ‘trapped’ in an examination room only increases the panic symptoms and reduces the mind’s ability to think and recall information.

For those who ‘freeze’, this is normally a pre-condition to ‘fight’ or ‘flight’, and they will experience an inability to do anything physical, even simply picking up their pen. Some will experience a mind freeze and they might find themselves staring at the exam paper confused.

Experiencing a ‘fight’ reaction may be beneficial for some, and may create an aggression towards the exam and thus a determination to beat the source of their anger. However, the it is not good when the reaction is to snap pencils, screw up the papers, and become violent with the desk or table before storming out of the exam room.


We are offering a free MP3 recording of our 8 minute Pre Exam Stress Reduction recording. This has helped many students overcome their pre exam nerves and should be listened to approximately 20 to 30 minutes before going into the examination room.

No guarantees, but it can help you calm down and start to recall the information you need to complete your exam.

Important: you must not listen to this recording whilst driving or operating any form of machinery or equipment.

Exam Stress Clinics

Need a presentation, talk, training session or in-service training event?

For students or teaching staff / lecturers.

We provide fully trained and professionally qualified stress managers and presenters who can come into your school or college.

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Is anxiety undermining your sleep and leaving you tired an under performing?

Try this difficult to find herbal product that helps reduce anxiety and promotes quality sleep.

Don’t use just before an exam.

Other products you may find useful:

Vitamin B Complex helps reduce stress and keeps you awake, so use in the morning only.

Ginkgo Biloba
helps concentration and clear  thinking.