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Your employees are

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valuable and your most expensive asset. So are you getting the most from them?

Many employers believe that the idea of a happy, hard working, motivated, positive minded, loyal workforce is little more than a pipe dream, however some employers do enjoy such a relationship with their employees.

Developing this ideal working relationship takes time. Often bridges have to be built and the trust to cross those bridges restored. If you want to improve employer employee relationships then ‘do nothing’ is not an option.

Professional Support

We have worked in the personal development, training, mentoring, coaching and corporate stress management field for over ten years. Many of our associates have over 30 years personal experience in personal development and training. We have worked with the Ministry of Defence, Police Authorities, schools, colleges and a University, a Government Commission, the NHS and companies and businesses of all sizes. We often work for other consultancies filling gaps in their skills portfolios.

We can provide our services throughout the UK and Ireland. Our network of professionally qualified and experienced associates can offer almost any employee development program you need. We can even offer one-to-one support and coaching to help individual employees achieve their maximum potential.

Needs Assessment

If you are unsure what you need to do to improve the employer - employee relationships in your organisation, we provide a professional assessment service. We will send an experienced assessor to meet with you, discuss your needs, look at what you are doing and provide you with a report offering suggested plans of action to achieve your targets.

This normally only costs two days of consultancy plus expenses, and you would not be bound to using our services to undertake the suggested plans of action, however we do ask that you include us in any tender actions for the suggested actions.

If you need a full training needs assessment we are able to provide qualified and experienced assessors to examine your training needs from competency, compliance and a personal development points of view, and provide you with a report and training needs program. We can also source suitable courses for you, manage the training program and maintain your training records.

Bespoke Solutions

Every employer is unique with different issues, problems and pressures so why impose a standard solution or model? You don’t buy clothes as ‘one size and style fits all’ so don’t buy your management solutions that way.

We spend time with our clients looking at the ethos of the organisation, understanding the unique pressures and motivations associated with their business, meeting with the employees and finding solutions that will work. We avoid ‘reinventing the wheel’ by building on your successful actions and initiatives to date.

People do not respond well to too much change too quickly so we build on what is familiar to them and look for employee suggestions to create successful initiatives. Employees who see their suggestions and ideas being taken seriously and put into action have a vested interest in ensuring those initiatives succeed.

Increasing Competency

Competency is more than the knowledge to do the job. Competency includes personal skills to reduce or prevent stress in themselves and their colleagues, team management skills, work-life balance skills, inter relationship skills, mediation skills and more.

We are moving into a employment period where competency based skills are far more important that ever before. New diversity based legislation is placing new demands on the employer and their staff. For example the Age Discrimination Legislation will, according to comparatives with other Countries where the legislation already exists, cause a 20% increase in employment tribunal claims.

All staff, not just managers, need to be aware of what is acceptable and not acceptable within the workplace. Inappropriate actions due to a lack of knowledge are a major source of employer employee tension.


Training & Workshops


Below are examples of some of our current courses and workshops costing from only
£1470.00 (per full day) £970.00 (per half day) plus venue and expenses - so for 20 attendees this is less than £75 per attendee
for a full day’s training.

Why not use our bespoke training course design service.

Its FREE if we then run the training event or seminar for you.

Personal Development

Remaining Calm in a Crises

Techniques for keeping control of anger and emotions when under high or extreme pressure

Workplace Emotional Intelligence

Recognising our own feelings and those of others, motivating and understanding.

Communications in Relationships

Others might hear what we say but do they understand what we mean?

The Hidden Levels of Communication

Learn about body language, eye cues, micro trances and other subconscious communications.

Team Development

Team Development
Without Discrimination

Many team building exercises involve activities that result in claims of discrimination - sexual, age, racial, etc. Our specially designed activities reduce the risk of diversity issues.

History Hunt

Enjoy a stimulating and fun day exploring and investigating a local historical venue. Team challenges include uncovering interesting facts, completing topical puzzles, exploring and completing tasks.

Note: this team building activity will be organised on demand so requires at least 10 weeks notice to source suitable venue.

Team Mensa

Team challenges using Mensa, trivia and common knowledge type questions. Suitable for all ages and abilities.


Find out more about yourself and your colleagues by playing with a range of amusing personality tests, mind confusing puzzles and tricky optically misleading pictures.

Capability Based Courses

The Confident Speaker

Learn how to stand up in front of people and present yourself clearly and confidently.

The Calmer Driver

A essential course if your employees drive during working time.

Avoiding Discrimination

Aimed at Managers. Discrimination legislation is complex so managers needs to be aware of how to minimise the risk of discrimination problems within their team.

Stress Risk Management

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Courses are bespoke designed to meet identified stress risk minimisation needs.


If you need to design a course but don’t know where to start, we can help.


Course Planning & Learning Needs Assessments, Coaching Programmes,

PowerPoint Presentations, E-learning,

Pre and Distance Learning,

Blended Training,

Activity and Workshop Materials,

Handouts and Notes, Course Notes,

Presenter Notes, Train the Trainer