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H&S Risk - Stressed Drivers
Do your employees drive during working hours on company business? What are you doing to ensure that their inappropriate stress responses are not undermining and putting your business and its reputation at risk?
Employed drivers present a serious stress risk monitoring problem for many employers. At times when these employees are either driving company vehicles or personal vehicles on behalf of their employer, there is very little an employer can do to monitor and assess the levels of stress being experienced by those drivers, yet you as an employer remain responsible for many of their actions.

Recent research has indicated that the negative and sometimes aggressive attitude of delivery drivers, especially at the the delivery point, is one of the main causes of customer dissatisfaction, which then results in a change of supplier.
The observed attitude of aggressive drivers in company marked vehicles dissuades potential new customers from using your organisation’s services.
Much of this negativity and aggression has been attributed to an inability by the driver to manage personal stress.

Road rage becomes a particular issue of great concern to many employers, where the employee’s stress is being expressed as extreme aggression and / or recklessness, especially where the employee is driving a company marked vehicle. They are causing serious damage to the company image and reputation.
Drivers who are unable to control their stress often carry that stress beyond the vehicle into customer premises and the workplace, so upset customers and other employees.
They may even become involved in an illegal incident which could involve you as their employer in legal proceedings, vicarious liability charges and seriously bad publicity. It is possible that the driver could make claims against you if they can prove that you as their employer were acting unreasonably, e.g. making unreasonable demands on them, especially if you cannot prove you meet your statutory requirements with regard to stress risk assessment.

All employers have a legal duty under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations to manage the risk to employee health and safety caused by stress. You will be expected to provide evidence that you has assessed the stress risk experienced by your employees whilst driving at work and have implemented initiatives to minimise that stress risk.

Professional Stress Managers are suggesting that the solution is for employers to send their employees on Calmer Driver workshops. This not only reduces the chances of a stress related incident, but also helps to protect the employer, as valid and appropriate stress reduction and risk minimisation measures have been undertaken.

All workshops are delivered by professional university qualified stress management professionals, experienced in corporate stress risk management.
We offer a series of two half day workshops, essential if you have employees driving on your business during paid employment time. These two workshops are spaced 30 days apart to allow drivers to practice and report back on the the claming techniques taught in the first workshop.
In addition to developing an understanding of anger and stress management, attendees learn techniques suitable for use while driving which include how to avoid road rage and a quick calm down routines to be used before coming into contact with customers.
Training for less than £75 per employee
Workshop series start at just £1450.00 for up to 20 attendees, plus expenses.
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If you have the responsibility for organising your organisation’s statutory stress risk assessments in accordance with the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations, you can get professional help on risk management, employee consultations, surveys, data analysis, documentation, etc, from
H Klinkenberg & Associates


Despite the reluctance of many employers to help employees cope with personal stress and mental health problems, recent studies have indicated a good return on investment in doing so.
One of the most popular workshops is for sleep and insomnia.
An employee suffering from a serious lack of sleep can be more dangerous in the workplace or when driving than someone twice the legal ‘drink drive’ alcohol limit. runs workplace workshops and provides one-to-one support for individuals.


If you are looking for coaching or mentoring, either for yourself or an employee, there are many basic level options and providers.
However, to take advantage of the advanced level proactive style of coaching, the professional therapists and coaches at The Coaching Room use professional therapy methods and techniques combined with traditional style coaching to provide a very effective style of coaching designed to promote constructive and targeted change.
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