Irrational Fears


Panic Attacks

The Problem

Many adults and children have those embarrassing moments when something insignificant to the majority of people, causes you to react in an inappropriately extreme fearful manner.

Objects such as spiders or moths often become the subject of these uncontrollable fears, and activate an automatic response to escape and protect yourself. Phobic anxieties include irrational fears that something is going to happen to you or your loved ones, even though you know you are more likely to win the lottery then the perceived event actually happening. Some phobic responses just cause panic, without clear thoughts or images in your mind.

These moments of emotional mayhem are surprisingly common and can often can have their roots traced back to incidents when we were children, or more recently experienced traumatic events.

Getting Help

When adults experience these sorts of irrational or phobic fear events, the therapists first expectation is, that it is ‘an inappropriate response for an adult’. In other words, something experienced as a child that has created an automatic emotional response, which for the child was quite reasonable, but for an adult is not. The adult has little control over the emotional response as it has become automatic and bypasses conscious rational thought.

If this is you don’t worry, I will help you identify the childhood event and modify the automatic response.

If your problem relates to a more recent event, for example being involved in an accident which has created a fear of going anywhere in a vehicle, then a very different approach needs to be considered. Sometimes the fear is built on childhood fears that, whilst not phobic or irrational in themselves, are easily converting into a phobic response. Sometimes there is a need to use advanced analysis and desensitising methods, and I will help you work at your own pace to resolve the issues and return to normal.

It you experience panic without any apparent cause, be assured that there is a cause, however finding it requires time and patience. Rushing the process is not an option, and I will give the time and commitment to helping you manage and stop your panic attacks.