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FACT: The coach who stands still and stops learning will soon stop earning. The potential earnings of the average coach are only limited by their knowledge.

People (your clients) know far more today than they did 10 or more years ago. The availability of information via the Internet, magazines and other publications means that people are better informed.

This could mean that if you intend to stick with the knowledge gained five or ten years ago, your earnings potential could  be decreasing day by day. Soon you may be trying to sell ‘common knowledge’ so only the ill-informed will have a need of your services.

It is time to take a serious look at your skills base. Is it the same tired list of skills you have been selling for years? If so you may need to think about offering your clients a little more and adding more value to your services.

All of The Coaching Room continuous learning events are presented by experienced trainers and professional coaching mentors who hold graduate or post graduate credit bearing qualifications in personal development, mentoring and stress management. Guest presenters will possess equal qualifications.

All of The Coaching Room continuous learning events are held at training venues in Gloucestershire.

Each event provides a full day’s training with tea and coffee provided. Start 9.30 and finish 17.00 or 18.00. You normally get 1.5 hours for lunch so you can enjoy a bit of shopping whilst you buy your own lunch from one of the many restaurants or food outlets.

Tutor signed CPD Certificates of Attendance are provided.

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