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Employee Health and Well-being


All employers with five of more employees have a legal duty to undertake stress risk assessments, this legal duty relates to the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations.


The Health and Safety Executive has provided a ‘best practice’ means of achieving compliance in their publication ‘Stress Management Standards’ which suggest that employers should always undertake some for of consultation with their employees to identify potential stress hazards within their workplace.


HSE Stress Management Standards Questionnaire


Most employers use the HSE questionnaire as a base for their own employee health and well-being consultation as the HSE provides tools to enable analysis to nationally published benchmarks.


We are able to undertake full analysis to these standards providing HSE standard reports plus enhanced reporting tools that enable users to:


Old Questionnaire / Survey Data


We can take old data from previous surveys and consultations and put this into an advanced analysis tool alongside your new data which enables you to compare previous results against your latest results to monitor change and improvement against individual questions, stressors and benchmarks.


Identifying Bullying and Discrimination


We can offer you advanced analysis tools which enables you to set up queries that combine the results from a number of questions to give a more accurate picture of the true situation. For example, you may wish to combine the results of HSE questions 5, 21, 23 and 29 so that you can see numbers, locations and demographic groupings of employees claiming to be bullied also claim to be harassed and claim lack of support from their managers.


This can be an invaluable tool for identifying discrimination and diversity issues before they become a legal problem.


Adding Your Own Questions


You are free to add as many questions as you wish to your survey / questionnaire. Our copyrighted tools can be set up to expand to provide you with almost unlimited analysis opportunity.


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