Yes, you could enjoy a totally free web site.


So what’s the deal?


1. First Index page is free - max length 2000 pix (the length of this web page)


2. All right hand column advertising (as on this page) is reserved for Aim2win’s own use.


3. Basic web site, for example, with plain background, text boxes, pictures and links.


4. You provide all text, pictures and links.


What if I want extra pages as shown on your example website?


These must be in the same style as the Index page and will be charged at £5.00 per page. Extra long pages, i.e. over 2000 pix will be charged at £2.50 per additional 2000 pix.


What can I use my web site for?


Anything legal and reputable. If your web site is found to be selling or promoting anything illegal or disreputable or if it breaches copyright in any way then it will be shut down immediately.


What if I need to update my web site?


Once the web site is created you will be entitled to a free update to your Index page once every 6 months. Updating additional pages cost £2.50 per page or £1.25 for extra long pages per 2000 pix.


Where is my web site stored?


We can store it for you free on our server, however if you have web space we can send you all of the files for you to up-load yourself.


Do I need a domain name?


You will be given the address where your ‘visitors’ can view your pages, however we don’t provide domain names ourselves. Your own domain name is a very simple purchase and then you just tell your domain name provider where your pages are stored. You can search for and register a domain name with UK2 - see advert to right.


Can you provide more complex web sites?


Yes, if you look at this example site: you will see many advanced web site features. Cost depend on what you need but the cost of a web site similar to the example would cost £75.00 for the Index page, plus £25.00 for each additional page, plus £45.00 for the flash animations. Updates cost £15.00 and storage on our server costs £25.00 per annum.


Do I have to have your adverts?


Yes, if you want your web site for free. We are offsetting the costs of your web site creation against the potential revenue gained from the adverts. It’s a gamble, if you don’t promote your web site then it is unlikely that we will recover our costs, however if your web site is very popular then we could gain two or three times our lost development income.


Can I choose what adverts appear on my web site?


The Google Adsense will always appear and the nature of the adverts will be dictated by the content of your web site. Other adverts are our choice and will be chosen to be complementary to your web site but not in competition.


Can you promote our web site for us?


You are totally responsible for promoting and marketing your web site, however we will ensure that it is optimised for search engines such as Google. This will include search engine description, keywords, metatags, robots file and site map file.


I run my own MLM business, is this ok?


Yes, we welcome recognised MLM businesses. You are responsible providing all information in accordance with your MLM company’s regulations.


OK, I want my free site, how do I get it?


Simply send us an email describing what you want to do with your web site and we will get back to you. If you have seen a web site that looks like the one you want to create then send us a link and we will tell you if that fits the ‘free web site’ criteria.


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